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"Trust" "Cooperation" "Revolution"
"Power Z Port" does not care about country, race and religion.
We are a "Port" where people with wisdom and ability to execute: "Power" are gathered.
Also, we will challenge the unknown : "Z" and make the future.
And we will play a role in promoting mutual growth.

5 manifests

  • We deny the status quo and the imitating, do innovation and challenge.
  • We keep curiosity and do everything with motivation and enthusiasm.
  • We always think about situations, observations, facts and solve problems.
  • We pursue a rich, fun, beautiful and healthy style.
  • We will not forget the gratitude, we will make people happy.
  • Vision

    We want to revitalize Japanese home fashion
    Achieve three goals by 2025 (75)

  • The 1st component
    Cooperation on "redefinition" of business in digital transformation.
  • The 2nd component
    Use IoT, Big Data and AI to awaken "the power of the field".
  • The 3rd component
    Create new "value and creativity".
  • Top Message

    Ryoichi TANIGUCHI


    Is「convergent evolution」the key to the Digital age


    On the road to the Digital age

    As the Digital age draws each division closer,

    I leave AEON Co., Ltd., who served for about 30 years in autumn 2002. In the same year we established “Power Z Port Inc.” at Nihonbashi, the center of trading in Japan.

    I worked in the retail distribution industry and learned a lot of time mainly about commercializations: product selection, purchase and product development etc.

    In order to further develop the home fashion industry that raised me, I would like to become a “force under the edge”, to build a company, to make people, to make products.

    It is said that companies have a lifetime of 30 years.

    We will continue to innovate without fear of failure in order to remain a company that will continue to grow even after 30 years.

    Predict and respond to the changing times, reborn into a vibrant business entity.

    Live with the project.

    If you can walk such a life together, that is the best pleasure.

    Thank you.

    Ryoichi Taniguchi (CEO)

    Company Infomation


    Power Z Port Inc.

    Foundation date: December 26, 2002
    CEO: Ryoichi TANIGUCHI
    Main bank: Mizuho Bank, Asahi Shinkin Bank

    Business hours

    Open Monday-Friday 10:00 to 18:00
    Closed on weekends

    We are here

    Hasimoto Bld.2F 1-7-9, NihonbashiHoridomecho, Chuo, Tokyo, 103-0012, Japan

    Phone: +81 3-5614-6333
    FAX: +81 3-3660-0118
    Email: /

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